Tips For Choosing a Therapist

important considerations

When Making Your Decision

We have verified that each therapist is a practicing Catholic and recommended without reservation by their Parish. However, there are other important considerations to bear in mind in deciding whether a particular therapist is a good fit for you:

  • Do you feel more comfortable with a male or a female therapist?
  • Does the therapist work with your age group/population (children, teens, adults, individuals/couples/family
  • What kind of therapeutic issues do they work with (i.e. trauma, depression, anxiety, ADHD)
  • Do they take your insurance? If not, what are their private pay rates?
  • Do they have a wait list? If so, how quickly do they estimate being able to see you?
  • Last but not least…do you feel seen, heard, understood, and respected when you make that initial phone call or during your appointments? Not every therapist is going to be a good fit, personality-wise. Studies have shown that a strong therapeutic rapport between client and therapist is the single best indicator of the success of therapy.
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